his outfit: a casual finish

my husband asked me to style him for a full week! this is the final day, day 7.

when: saturday, april 9, 2011

what he wore:
sunglasses: gift (original penguin)
t-shirt: c/o raygun
sweatshirt: american apparel
jeans: express
shoes: tsubo

where: nieces’ dance recital, church

kelsey says: husband loves windmills. and shoes. these were supposed to be the shoes to end all shoes, he promised me. well, they haven’t curbed his fetish, but they’re really neat—black and brown, so they go with everything. very easy to style.

eric says: it’s true. i love shoes. and yes, i lied. but how about this hoodie? i’ve had it for more than two years, and recently i have seen it in at least three commercials: mcdonalds, freecreditreport.com and…i can’t remember the other one. i feel like a trendsetter. i think kels picked it out, though. if only she would style me everyday…