his outfits: what we learned

kelsey says:

  • i like eric to dress casual. (oh, with a little bit of snappy, of course.) i thought i’d want to put him in a tie, but no…just jeans, sneakers and casual shirts. i guess it makes sense, since i don’t dress up much myself.
  • guys have an easier time getting dressed! it took me a lot less time to put together one of his outfits than one of mine, because there are less accessories (jewelry, belts) to add.
  • being a photographer is not as simple as pointing and shooting. it takes time! many of my shots were unfocused. however, i was proud of quite a few of them!
  • eric needs to appear on my blog more! i want to do more his and hers posts. would that be ok? i have not seen too many blogs that feature men’s fashion.

eric says:

  • now that kels has examined my closet, i have learned to trust her opinion about how to complete an outfit. she taught me a few things that will help me get better mileage out of my closet, mostly pairing different items with others (black with brown) and thinking outside the box.
  • it’s really fun to not have to think about what i am going to wear. i already picked out these items when i bought them, so having someone else make the tough decision of what to wear each day makes my life a lot easier.
  • it brings kels joy for me to let her pick out my clothes, and that, in turn, makes me happy.
  • posing is really hard. as soon as i step in front of the camera, i lock up and forget what’s going on. it’s hard to continue to find unique poses and angles to work with. kels did a good job of directing me.