a good sale


tuesday, jan. 4, 2010

what i wore:

jacket: original penguin

tank: forever 21

jeans: banana republic

shoes: old navy



i really love the colors of this jacket and how unique it is. i usually try to buy clothes that i know i won’t see on everyone else. it was originally $130, but i got it for $30. can you even believe that? i’m not even a sale girl. but i’m getting better! i’m learning how to say no to clothes that aren’t on sale today but will be next week.

this past weekend i even left this trench from my fall wish list at the register because it wasn’t on sale (there was a sign nearby so i thought it was). two weeks ago when i was in there it was $19.95, and now they are selling it for $49.50. really?! it is frustrating for me because i don’t get to the mall very often. i have a $20 gift card so i’m waiting until it’s on sale again (especially because i won’t wear it until spring).

oh, and exciting news! today we found a really good deal online and bought a canon t1i. it will be here next week!