monday, jan. 3, 2011

what i wore:

top: kohl’s

vest: diesel (on sale at rue la la)

necklace: magnabilities

jeans: banana republic

boots: claire’s


work, camera shopping

i’ve had this vest since november (before the 30 for 30 challenge), but hadn’t worn it until today. i woke up and just had an urge to put it on. i only had a few minutes to style it before we needed to leave, so i think know i can do better next time. especially because my sistermade me a necklace for Christmas that i wanted to wear, but i forgot it at my parents’ house (i must be having another forgetful spell).

and i hope you can get used to these jeans (if you’re a regular reader, you already are). remember how i ripped my other favorite pair? i’ve got my eye on these babies and am saving up. until then, these are my only pair…yikes! (it might be a while, since i have $10/week to spend on clothes.)

for those interested in all the camera shopping we’ve been doing: over the past few months, Eric and i researched and agreed to purchase a digital SLR. we decided on the canon t1i and chose a local place to buy from. and we have all the money saved so we can buy it with cash. we went to purchase it today, and were told that it is out of stock and that canon has not returned their calls to restock it in the past month. so, perhaps (probably) they are discontinuing the camera. back to the drawing board…