Pizza Sandwiches

My name is Kelsey, and I'm a very picky eater. When I was younger, my babysitter once told me I had to eat everything off my plate before I could get up from the table. Sure enough, I was still there when my mom came to pick me up. (I still do not eat hot dogs.) I order off the children's menu whenever possible and prefer very simple meals. Pizza sandwiches are one of my favorite dinners! It's similar to grilled cheese, but way more awesome. (I'm taking Eric's word on this one, because I've never actually had a grilled cheese sandwich...not that I can remember, anyway.)

All you need are these five ingredients: We love our handy little sandwich maker, but you can also make these on top of the stove in a pan. The following photos show preparations for two sandwiches; repeat as needed.

1. Thinly butter one side of each slice of bread.

2. Stack the bread so the buttered sides are touching. Add a thin layer of pizza sauce.

3. Add nine pepperonis on top of the pizza sauce.

4. Add a generous heap of cheese on top of the pepperonis.

5. Buttered sides facing out, place on sandwich maker (or in a pan on the stove).

6. Cook for five minutes, or until desired shade of golden brown.

7. Enjoy!

(Yes, we share a can of pop for dinner...)

I think next time I want to try these with alfredo sauce, shredded chicken and bacon. Mmm!

Now, Eric and I will spend the next few days trying to get each other to clean the snackster. I'm taking bets on who you think can wait it out the longest.

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