a not-so-hypothetical question

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hat: Madewell
dress: Madewell (similar)
necklace: Jen Loves Kev
shoes: Converse
purse: Madewell (similar)

Hypothetically speaking, (it's not hypothetical at all, actually...I would love to hear your answer in the comments) what do you do when your spouse/roommate is out of town or away for the night? Do you go to bed early or late? Do you eat healthy or unhealthy?

When Eric was in Nashville, I slept with the bedroom door open and the noise maker off. I ate out almost every meal and spent the evenings in bed on my computer and turned out the lights around midnight. (When I am gone, Eric watches all of the things on Netflix.)

I find it interesting how differently we would live if we lived separately. For the first two days, I was nervously wondering..."What if I don't ever want him to come back?" but then the last two days I was like..."Come back and help me clean the bathroom and all these dishes, please?!"

It's great to be apart, but it's even better to be together...and sometimes I need a little distance to be able to see that.