conversations with Rooney // 2


Here are a few things Rooney said lately that made me smile, when I was fast enough to write them down:


Rooney to me after I got dressed for the day (in this outfit): "So cute, Mommy!"

Rooney after walking in to our bedroom and seeing me eating a banana: "Hey, that's not (y)ours! That's Adah's banana!"

Rooney: "I want my sleep sack."
Me: "Where is it?"
Rooney: "On the ground."
Me, looking: "Is it by the table?"
Rooney: "(You) better go find it, mommy."

From the backseat: "We're almost there, guys!"

From her bedroom: "Come in Rooney's room, guys!" (I just love that she calls me and Eric "guys")

Me: "I'm going to try on my new shorts."
Rooney: "Yeah, so pretty, mommy!"

After stuffing her bear in her backpack: "I'm so proud of you, bear!"

Me: "Are you my best friend?"
Rooney:  "No, I'm Rooney!"

Me: "Do you want another drink of water?"
Rooney: "No, my tummy ALL full."

Rooney, after the soccer game went to commercial: "Uh oh, soccer ball!"

Me: "I want to blog!"
Rooney: "I want to blog, too!"
Me: "Oh yeah? What do you want to blog about?"
Rooney: "Um, APPLESAUCE!"
Eric: "Oh! What else would you blog about?"
Rooney: "SunButter!"
Eric: "Oh, you're a food blogger! What else?"
Rooney: "Pancakes!"
(She went on to ask me what to blog about. I told her she could blog about anything she loves, so she said "SunButter, daddy and SunButter.")

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