before baby bucket list

Spring is officially here! With baby boy due to arrive in June and warmer weather in the forecast, I've been dreaming up some fun family outings for our last three months as a family of three. I know we can't time it perfectly, but I pray that Roo feels loved and a strong bond with us when he arrives. Of course, there's also a few things I want to do for myself on this list, too!

BEFORE BABY BUCKET LIST (aka spring bucket list):

  • Take Rooney to the Jester Park Natural Playscape
  • Family outing to the zoo
  • Date night with Eric to see Pitch Perfect 2 in the theater (comes out May 15)
  • Prenatal massage
  • Big sister class at the hospital
  • Weekly family dates to Rita's Frozen Custard or fro yo
  • Weekly baths with Roo (or until I no longer fit in the tub with her)
  • Hotel swimming weekend
  • Plant our garden (maybe?)
  • Eat a crepe at the farmers' market (opens May 2!)
  • Make cookie dough (and freeze for baking after baby's arrival)
  • Get a pedicure
  • Plan an Easter egg hunt for Roo (I've never done one for her before!)
  • Have maternity photos taken
  • Take a family photo for our time capsule

Can we cram this all in? There's just 11.5 weeks 'til my due date!