my outfit: blues traveler

when: thursday, march 10, 2011

what i wore:
hat: urban outfitters
dress: loft
sunglasses: gift (original penguin)
coat: gift shop at yellowstone national park
leggings: aerie
shoes: target

where: traveling to kansas city

my traveling outfit was very unintentional, but i figured i should show it to you since i wore it! i felt an underlying pressure to dress cute for the conference so most of my clothes were in my suitcase.

we started our trek to austin on thursday evening and drove to kansas city. when we got there, we made a pit stop at freddy’s for supper and also to target so i could get some pink lipstick (i’m finally brave enough to try it!). Eric kept saying how hard it would be to travel with my fedora (can you believe i already got it checked off my shopping list?), but i was set on bringing it with.

our flight left at 6 a.m. on friday and because we live three hours from the kansas city airport, we booked a tiny (and i mean tiny) room at the microtel so we could get a few hours of sleep. i think i have a syndrome where, if my suitcase zips too easily, i must stuff more clothes into it (seriously, who needs eight pairs of shoes for three days?). Eric wanted to share a suitcase with me and i think that lasted about 30 seconds. to my defense, i needed to bring clothes to swap and also wanted to make sure i had room for all my new stuff on the way home!