winter 30 for 30: my thoughts and shopping list!

weeeeee! i’m so glad to be done with this challenge. the first 15 days were great, and then i really missed the rest of my closet (mostly my favorite jeans). it sounds dumb, but i seriously could not wait to put them on.

general thoughts

  • i bought a lot of great stuff after the fall 30 for 30—things i really needed to have a workable closet. i’m hoping to do the same this time around. someone take me shopping!
  • it was easier to pick my 30 items i didn’t have to swap anything out like last time.
  • remixing is an art, and this time the remixing itself was much easier, especially from the beginning. i got the hang of it earlier than last time.
  • i didn’t have that much fun after day 15. ha! i was really missing my other clothes and felt silly for neglecting them.
  • i really pushed myself by including two dresses and two skirts. i love jeans way too much. and i didn’t even have my favorites!
  • husband was right that i would want another pair of flats in my 30 items. oops.
  • i remember telling Eric on day 15 that i was so lucky he wasn’t embarrassed to go in public with me because of my crazy outfit. looking at the photos, it really wasn’t that crazy. and lots of people said it was their favorite!

my shopping list
(it’s a lot shorter than last time!)

  • more jeggings. i am obsessed! i would like black, white, gray and/or a colored pair—maybe pale pink or mustard?
  • colored tights: red, olive green, peach, light pink and brown
  • fedora
  • fake glasses

and here’s a look at all 30 looks!