his + hers: bryan and kendi of kendi everyday

eric and i are vacationing in south carolina this week, and i’m so happy that my favorite couple is filling in for us today! meet kendi, the brains behind the 30 for 30 remix, and her husband, bryan, who is an amazing photographer. (are you in love with them yet?)

You may be thinking “hey! that outfit looks familiar…” well you are right. I’ve worn this outfit before over on that blog of mine. But what you haven’t seen is this guy, the man behind the camera. Because I’m selfish, I don’t feature B a whole lot on my blog but he is one stylish fellow. I mean just look at this kid. (And this was Tuesday.)

Exhibit A, B, and C:

(Okay ignore the clutch. That’s mine.)

Although B has always had a sense of style, I know that it doesn’t always come easy for some men. So I’ve created a few tips to help you and your male friend out. If you would like your boyfriend/brother/husband/dad (hopefully that’s not all one relationship…) to be more stylish, here are three ways to get him there:

  1. Cut up everything in his closet that you hate, especially items he’s kept from college. Burning is also an option. (If you choose to donate, make sure he doesn’t follow you to the thrift store. I’m serious, watch your back.)
  2. Always take him shopping on an empty stomach with promises of a large dinner, namely steak. In his hunger, confusion lies, then you can style him just like you did your Ken dolls so many years ago. (Memories!)
  3. Sign him up for J.Crew emails. He will think it’s a sign and his subconscious will unknowingly become stylish.

Or you could just buy him a shirt every once in a while and tell him he’s a handsome son of a gun. Compliments never hurt a soul, or a husband, boyfriend, brother or dad.

As always, you can find me over at Kendi Everyday and B at Photographers Skeen. For the record, Bryan dressed himself today.