my new clothing rack!

i got this clothing rack for $1 at the better homes and gardens yard sale last weekend. i have always wanted a standalone rack, and am thrilled because this is so much prettier than a traditional metal one. (plus, i love the idea of decorating with wood, so this fits right in to my vision of our future house.)

my clothes are so lucky.

funny story: when we entered the sale, this was the first thing eric saw. he pointed it out to me, and we walked over to it very excited. i was surprised it wasn’t sold yet (there were hundreds of people in line in front of us). i looked at the price tag and saw it said $100. since that is outrageous (although i considered it in the heat of the moment), eric said he could make one for me. we left it and went to look at the tables of other items, but i just couldn’t stop thinking about. i wanted it!

maybe five minutes later, i told eric i wanted to go look at it again. i was again surprised it hadn’t sold yet. i took a photo of it so eric could reference it when he made it for me. one of the volunteers saw me and came over and said, “i think they would probably come down in price on that.” i was like, “how much?” and then she leaned in really close to the price tag and said, “oh, that says $1.00!”

it was so crazy. there was a little decimal point in there that no one could see. i got out my dollar bill and said, “i want it!” (i won’t tell you about the part where we tried three different ways to get it in our jeep but finally had to call a friend to bring us a power drill and take it apart…) eric says the clothing rack cost us $1 and two hours of time.

totally worth it.

any ideas on what i can do to make the hanger rod prettier? maybe cover it with fabric? or find a tree branch that will work?!

(this is also a sneak peek at my spring 30 for 30 items!)