business model

when: wednesday, june 8, 2011

what i wore:
top: urban outfitters
skirt: debbie shuchat, hand-me-down from linda
shoes: target

where: work

i wore this on wednesday when we were asked to dress up for work. i woke up and had no idea what to wear, so i stood in my closet for what felt like 20 minutes.

first i decided that i should wear a skirt because it was going to be 90 degrees outside. and then i saw this shirt, which you might remember but hasn’t been worn much since from my fall 30 for 30 remix. i really love how its white buttons plays so interestingly with this skirt!

i originally had black and white flats on, too, but eric said it was too much. he was right.

happy freakin’ weekend! do you have big plans? eric and i are taking a little staycation around des moines. i’ll post those outfits over the weekend, and then the spring 30 for 30 starts on monday! who else is participating?


  • aaaand. you can watch me dance (yes, i’m serious) over here!