8 Ways We Use Coconut Oil


I bought my first jar of coconut oil a couple months ago and now I'm obsessed. I really think it is a miracle product. I've already given eight jars away as gifts, I love it so much. There are so many uses and it's so good for you!

8 Ways We Use Coconut Oil

1. Baking. You can use coconut oil in any recipe that calls for oil. I use it when I make blueberry muffins! They taste the same as when I used vegetable oil, and I know it is much healthier.

2. Bath. We have dropped a spoonful of coconut oil in Rooney's bath water for extra moisturizing.

3. Dry, chapped cheeks. Rooney's cheeks have been so red this winter! She loves to rub the oil on her face, as you can see in this video.

4. Face lotion. I've been using coconut oil for a month as my face lotion (it's even better when combined with Lemon or Frankincense essential oils). I love the glow it gives me!

5. Body lotion. After Rooney's bath, we rub her whole body down with coconut oil as body lotion.

6. Diaper rash. Coconut oil works great on diaper rash! Add in a drop of Lavender essential oil to clear up a really bad rash.

7. Chapstick. Coconut oil can help heal dry lips (I do prefer Chapstick, but it's nice to have in a pinch).

8. Popcorn. I think this is my favorite way to use it! We melt 2 Tbsp of coconut oil and pour it over air-popped popcorn (topped with Real Salt). Yum!!! Rooney asks for this almost every night.

Still to Try

  • On a cotton ball to remove makeup (especially eye makeup)
  • Deep conditioner for hair
  • In tea or coffee
  • Face wash (mixed with baking soda)
  • Swish it around in your mouth before brushing your teeth as a "cure all"
  • Eat it straight off a spoon
  • And 50 more ways to use coconut oil

I'd love to hear how you are using coconut oil!