No Shopping Challenge Update: One Month In

I've made it four weeks without shopping!!!!!!!! Well, I guess I have been shopping, but not buying. At least nothing for myself. (See the original post here.)


  • Wearing new pieces


  • Feeling like a slave to checking the front door for packages
  • Sending back or returning clothes that don't fit
  • Feeling like I need to check out all the sales emails that come to my inbox


  • I still feel a desire for new things

So, you can see that there are more things I don't miss than things I do miss. I have cut out a lot of browsing, but still would like to cut out more. Going forward I want to be a lot more critical about what comes to live in my closet. I knew one month of not shopping wouldn't be long enough to cleanse myself of many of these feelings, which is why I decided to do three months.

However, I'm still allotted $40/month for clothes on our budget, and it carries over to the next month, so if I need to make a more permanent change in my spending habits, I should really change our budget (because now I see the money in my account and know I can spend it on clothes). So I need to rewire my brain and also change my habits (unsubscribing store emails, reading less style blogs). Turns out I am quite influenced by things I see on other bloggers.

I must say that I have been a little down or depressed in January. I think it's normal for me this time of year, but I wonder if not shopping has added to it as well.


At this point, I currently want to buy a pair of high top Converse (as seen on Sydney and Alison). Unfortunately, I think about wanting them a lot. I'm pretty sure I will buy them ASAP on April 1. I'm trying not to dwell on it or feel like I'm deprived without them. I'm trying to think of reasons I don't need them or about how they'll likely just sit in my closet after one week of wear. However, in my defense, two things are for certain: they'll never go out of style or out of stock!

Thanks for following along! We'll see what happens in the next 61 days!