conversations with Rooney

Rooney has started saying the cutest, funniest things, and I am trying my best to get them all written down before they slip my mind. Here are a few of my favorite things I've heard her say lately, wishing you could hear just how cute her voice really is (she gets compliments on her voice all the time, reminding me to not take it for granted):

After scratching her head: "My head's broken."

"We're almost there mommy! We're on a menture!" (adventure) (This melted my heart because we had been driving for an hour after I realized I locked my keys in the van and had to go get the spare at home...I felt so bad for her and for my friend who helped me out, but they were both such good sports, and Roo's positive attitude at the end of it almost had me in happy tears)

Early morning demands: "I want a waffle. You go get it, OK?"
"I want SunButter. Ready, set, go."

"Whoa, mommy, that's a big one!" (she says this all the time, whether it's about a spoonful of SunButter or a dog we see on our walks)

Me after hearing Rooney whining: "Oh...what do we say when we want something?"
Rooney: "I want it!" (haha...nope...the correct answer is "Please")

Rooney after getting home from the grocery store: "Where my phone go? I go find it - take picture of SunButter, fishes." (she calls Cheddar Bunnies "fishes"; also, maybe I take too many pictures of our groceries?)

To Eric over dinner, jealous of the attention I'm giving him: "Daddy, you no talk to mommy!"

After climbing up the stairs together: "Good job, mommy!" (I love her encouragement)

Me at lunchtime on a Wednesday: "I love you!"
Roo: "I love pizza!" (while eating a strawberry...)

Toddlers are awesome.

P.S. Rooney's fox sweatshirt was a lovely gift from Rosie + Oliver.