what i learned from the second batch

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I made another batch of cookies last week. It wasn't because I was craving another child (Eric and I had a good chat and we are totally at peace with waiting), but craving more cookies. Or the dough, if I'm being honest. This recipe is seriously so good. I can't decide if it's the two kinds of chocolate chips or the fact that they're crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside...probably both.

Anyway, I realized something while baking: The second time you do something is usually easier than the first time.

Groundbreaking, right? I don't want to drag on and on with this metaphor of how baking is like caring for a newborn BUT I had so many revelations from my second batch that I just had to share:

  • I felt way less overwhelmed (I get really overwhelmed in the kitchen and always make big messes and measure things wrong or forget to add ingredients).
  • It took me half the time to make them than it did the first time.
  • I felt more confident.
  • I questioned myself less.
  • I enjoyed it more.
  • I knew how long to set the timer for and what was right for our particular oven.
  • I felt more sure of the flour sifting and tried a different way that worked better.
  • I took less pictures.
  • I already had all the stuff. Aside from needing a few more chocolate chips, we were set.
  • I didn't feel like I needed Eric to watch Roo while I baked...he was actually in Nashville and Roo was watching a show on Netflix.
  • I didn't worry or feel like there was a "wrong" way to make them, and believed that they would turn out fine no matter if I made a few mistakes (way more laid back than the first time).
  • I corrected what I had messed up the first time (I had forgotten to add the brown sugar until the very end).
  • I followed the recipe but also felt comfortable to make slight adjustments based on my preference.
  • I didn't make as big of a mess (although the dishes certainly didn't get done as quickly).
  • There were things I didn't remember about the recipe even though I made them less than a week apart.


Rooney wasn't a huge fan of the noise I was making with the hand mixer, which also gave me perspective that there will be an adjustment period for her, too. We haven't had a baby AND a toddler, so I suspect that will be the toughest part, and the newborn stuff will seem easy -- not because it is, but because we've done it before.

P.S. I know having a baby isn't always easier the second time. I have friends who were surprised with twins the second time or a special needs kid or a colicky baby, so I certainly don't mean to assume we're immune from that. But I totally needed this revelation, and not just to think about it and anticipate it, but to experience it myself and feel how it feels.

P.P.S. I think I'm ready for a new recipe.