conversations with Rooney / 08


Rooney: "Mommy, I like your beard! So beautiful!"

Me: "I like that coat on you, Rooney."
Rooney: "You're welcome!"

Grandma: "You've got good eyes, don't you?"
Rooney: "I have brown eyes!"

Me: "I hurt my tooth."
Rooney: "You heard a toot?"

Me: "Do you want pizza or a hamburger?"
Rooney: "Ham-mur-mur!"
Me: "Or we could have hamburger pizza!"
Rooney: "Ew! That's dis-susting!"

Standing in the bath, going potty: "Now we have some more water in here!"

Rooney: "Excuse me!"
Me: "You're excused."
Rooney: "No, you're confused!"

Pointing to Eric's guitar: "I want to play the banana!"

Rooney: "I'm gonna be 3 and then I'm gonna go to preschool!"
Me: "Well, you'll go to preschool when you're 3-and-a-half, so not right after you turn 3."
Rooney: "And you're gonna be OK. You're not gonna cry."

Me: "Mommys can't go to the Daddy Daughter Dance."
Rooney: "Yeah, they're too tired and have babies in their tummies."

"What color is the baby in your tummy?"

"I have brown hair and you have brown hair too. I mean, you have gray hair."

Me: "Is it going to be OK after the baby comes? Are we still going to be buddies?"
Rooney: "Yes!"
Me: "On Mommy & Rooney Day, there will be a baby around, will that be OK?"
Rooney: "That will be great!"

Acting as backseat DJ in the car: "I want 'Shake It Off' and then 'Bad Blood.' And after 'Bad Blood' I want 'Write Your Name' and then 'Welcome to New York' and then 'Go Through the Woods.' I want it really really really really louder." (She doesn't always know the exact titles, but she's a HUGE Taylor Swift fan.)

Acting like she's the parent, bossing me around: "Mommy, take off your clothes and go take a shower with daddy."

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