23 weeks

  • How far along: 23 weeks
  • Baby's size: Eggplant
  • Total weight gain: 5 lbs.
  • Baby's heart rate: 155 bpm at last check
  • Maternity clothes: I got a few v-neck T-shirts at Old Navy, and a bag of goodies to borrow from my friend Joa! Now I would really like to save up my clothing budget for after the baby comes.
  • Gender: Boy
  • Names: We are settled on a name! Woohoo! It's such a relief and I'm just as excited about his name as I was with Rooney. I even ordered a couple things with his name on them!
  • Movement: I am feeling him move every day, multiple times! Eric got to feel him last week, too!
  • Sleep: Rooney has been waking us up at least once a night when she comes into our room (she's had a cold that I think has been waking her up). Other than that, I'm sleeping well!
  • What I miss: Having energy to run and dance with Rooney, and being able to roll over easily in bed
  • Cravings: Bread, cheese dip, sugary treats ... darn Whole30!
  • Nursery update: The nursery colors are black, white and gray. I want to paint one wall black and am also planning to do a Sharpie Paint Pen mural on another wall. We are getting a crib from my parents (the one I slept in as a baby!) as well as a dresser, and I want to paint those black as well.
  • Mommy thoughts:
    • I get winded walking up a single flight of stairs. Uffda!
    • I've had some back aches and dizziness this week. I looked back at my week 22 update from last pregnancy and I had dizziness then, too!
    • I emailed Eric at like 4:00 in the morning yesterday to see what it would cost to add the baby to his insurance ... mommy brain won't shut off!