his + hers: corn bin corral

when: saturday, may 14, 2011

his outfit:
t-shirt: old navy
sweatshirt: original penguin
jeans: banana republic
shoes: original penguin

her outfit: inspiration
glasses: charlotte russe
scarf: handmade by my sister
sweatshirt: loft
shorts: abercrombie & fitch, edited
tights: we love colors (olive green)
shoes: simply vera vera wang via kohl’s

where: mall, grill out

one of the cool things about living in a suburb of des moines is that there is such a mix of city and country. the corn fields, bins, barns and old farm houses were here first, and the city has grown through and around it.

these corn bins and farmland are located about one minute from our house. even though we live in the city, it still feels like the small town i grew up in when i see stuff like this. i’ve never lived or worked on a farm, but i totally appreciate the agriculture and crops that our state provides to the rest of the nation.

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