bad hair day

when: sunday, may 8, 2011

what i wore:

shirt: maude via langford market

necklace: gift, magnabilities

blazer: target

pants: express

sandals: target

where: church, brunch, family gathering

i’m slightly embarrassed to show you these photos, but eric talked me into sharing them with you. you see how bad my top knot was disheveled from the wind? from this day forward, i vow to use more hair spray and bobby pins.

these photos are actually from mother’s day. because of everybody everywear and the paper doll project this week, these photos got backed up.

my top knot from a couple days after this (for the paper doll project) was so good that i woke up the following morning and it was still intact. i thought about not showering for a third day, but—once again—eric talked me into it. what would i do without him?