cozy cafe


tuesday, dec. 28, 2010

the look:

top: urban outfitters

scarf: gift, handmade by my cousin

belt: the limited

jeans: banana republic

shoes: isaac mizrahi for target

purse: puma



every year about this time, the husband and i have an annual budget summit/family meeting. at first the thought of this totally freaked me out. i thought he wanted to spend two full days at our kitchen table to talk about money. which is not my favorite thing to talk about. but i’ve found that it’s crucial to have a family meeting to make sure we’re on the same page about all the important things.

so we went to this cute little cafe for breakfast and hung out for a couple hours. we identified events in the upcoming year that we need to save money for and also made lists of how we can be more intentional with our time in 2011. husband is so smart about this stuff, he should write a book.

when we got home i changed into some lounging clothes. that’s when i noticed that these jeans have a 2-inch rip right under my butt! i hope it hasn’t been there very long…and i can’t believe i didn’t feel the cold air coming in. i’ve had them for less than a year but have gotten lots of wears out of them since i only wear two pairs of jeans. it is sad but i had to say goodbye to them! :(