book review: lauren conrad style

this book was on my Christmas list, so i was thrilled to open it up at my father-in-law’s. i knew i wanted it for my coffee table, but i wasn’t sure i would actually learn very much from it. {i’m not being arrogant, i just wasn’t sure there was much you could learn about your personal style from a book.}

but let me tell you, i was totally into it. like, couldn’t-put-it-down into it. it’s a very quick read and i finished half of it the first day.

some of her advice is good ol’ common sense. but she also has lots of experience from being her own stylist for her two reality shows. lauren might be young but she appreciates the history of fashion staples like denim and t-shirts. i was surprised that she suggests buying and wearing t-shirts—but the key is to make sure it’s the right cut for your body. she also has her own clothing line so she also understands fabrics and how each material will hang.

the second half of the book is dedicated to beauty (hair and makeup) and lifestyle (dressing for work, school, travel and events) and is full of great professional tips.

i just really love her low-key elegance and i got some great tips that i can’t wait to try:

  • you want the sleeve [of your t-shirts] to hit at either a thin point of your arm or at a point where your muscle has peaked and is starting to dwindle. {i knew that about shorts in relation to your legs, but i had never applied it to my arms. and because my arms are bigger than I’d like them to be, this is a practical tip that can help me when i’m shopping.}
  • try an [new] outfit when the pressure is low
  • how your body type and the pocket placement on your jeans can work together
  • how to dress when you go shopping
  • why dressing room mirrors and lights are not the most flattering
  • how to play-up certain parts of your body
  • how to use wet eye shadow as eye liner
  • and my favorite tip: being a real fashion victim has nothing to do with breaking…rules: it’s trying to dress like you’re someone you’re not. boom sauce.

it has really inspired me! i went through and edited my closet a couple weeks ago and donated three boxes of stuff that don’t work for my body. in the next year i also want to create an inspiration board and organize a clothing swap (are you in?).

lauren is down-to-earth and honest about what really goes on during fashion shoots and how to stay true to your personal style. i strongly suggest you buy a copy! :)

p.s. i met lauren three years ago when she was in town. i only had about a minute with her, but she was sweet and took the time to take a photo with me and my friend keisha!