dear baby boy


It's 2015 - the year you'll be born - and I've never been on an airplane that has Wi-Fi. Isn't that amazing? I wonder what changes will happen in your lifetime. You and I recently got back from a little trip to Vegas. I'm really sorry about all the smoke. Also, it would be fine by me if you never go back.

I've known you were a boy for quite some time, even though we just recently found out for sure. We've chosen your name, and I hope you like it. Your dad picked it out, and I think it will fit you great. He says it's a strong name that will be the perfect anchor to our family. I think it is a great match for the name Rooney. It was actually the first boy name Rooney said she liked. Other names we considered for you were: Phoenix, Bartholomew (long story), Rowan and Oliver. If you had been a girl, your name would have likely been Wren.

You'll be the second-born in a family where both parents are also second-born. For some reason I find that fascinating. I think you're lucky to have Eric and Kelsey now as parents instead of the Eric and Kelsey from three years ago, although your older sister has turned out awesome. She's really excited to meet you and play with you and change your diapers. She keeps insisting that you will be a sister, but I think she'll get over it once she meets you in June.