new-ish clothes for my preschooler

Have you heard of Schoola? It's been around since 2012, but I hadn't heard of it until recently. It's a consignment clothing site for kids, and $2 of every $5 spent goes to schools for programs like art, music, physical education and field trips. How cool is that?!

I think selling and buying secondhand for kids is genius (that is, if you can get the spaghetti and strawberry stains off better than me), because they outgrow them so quickly!

From now until tomorrow (Jan. 21), you can get $15 worth of free kid's clothes and free shipping using this link.

I placed my first order a couple weeks ago and got seven new-to-Roo items for a total of $59.31. They are all in good condition, and a couple were new with tags! Plus, we supported seven different schools!

Here's what I got:

  • Zara Kids purple pants: Love these pants and the color! The price was a bit of a shock at first ($17.94), but they are brand new with tags, and that is a price I would expect to see on the Zara website for their sale items, so I snagged 'em.
  • H&M tank: I thought this was cute for $3.60. Rooney gets really hot in the summer so tank tops are always good for the park!
  • American Apparel dress: This is size 10, so Rooney will grow into it in a couple years (she currently wears size 6 in American Apparel). We love the American Apparel skater dresses! Rooney has had two of them and they are actually my favorite thing she has ever owned.
  • Crewcuts shorts: I've seen these as a hot item on Instagram sales (which I love to peruse but have never purchased from), so I thought I would give them a shot.
  • H&M shirt: I wondered if the price tag on this was too high, but it is new with tags, and I know Rooney will love it. Plus, long-sleeved T-shirts are great for playing and they wash well.
  • Old Navy shorts: Cute shorts at a great price! I have to snag all the orange clothes I can get my hands on for Roo, since it's her absolute favorite.
  • H&M dress: Looking back, I probably overspent on this, since I got a three of these exact dresses for Rooney last summer that were $4.95 each (brand new), and I'm sure they will have this dress style available again this summer. If it was a must-have pattern/print that I missed out on, I would be OK spending this much, but I suppose the thrill of shopping got me this time. However, Rooney totally gravitated toward these dresses last summer, so I know she will love it.

I went on the website and narrowed it down by size first (Girls 5). Next, I selected "New with tags," "Perfect" and "Good" under "CONDITIONS," leaving "Blemished" unchecked (just my personal preference). Then, I did a search for our favorite brands to see what was available. My philosophy was to search for brands/items that we've already owned and loved - like American Apparel and H&M dresses - as well as higher-name brands I've wanted to try more of - like Crewcuts and Zara.

It's just as thrilling as Instagram sales, but with way less pressure! You can bet I'll be placing another order soon to snag some stuff for this baby boy!


I also sent a bag (shown above) of my own once-loved clothing to be sold at Schoola (they are launching a women's category soon!), and proceeds will go to Rooney's future elementary school. You can request a bag here to send your own or your kids' clothes to Schoola to support your favorite school!

Disclosure: Schoola provided me with a coupon code to purchase some of these items. This post contains referral links.