does this shirt make me look pregnant?

when: wednesday, sept. 7, 2011

what i wore:
glasses: charlotte russe
top: h&m mama
necklace: gap
jeans: banana republic
shoes: old navy via TxSCC swap (these ones)

where: work, date night

i was hesitant to wear this shirt before i had a visible bump, but i love the drape of it and just couldn’t wait. i was hoping it wouldn’t make me look like i was either letting myself go completely or wearing pajamas to work, so i thought pairing it with skinny jeans and cute shoes would help. i hope it worked!

before i got pregnant, i was only interested in slim-fitting and waist-cinching tops. now, the idea of a growing belly has made me think differently about what clothes i should buy, and it’s even pushed me to try some new things. case in point.

man, there’s all sorts of life changes going on over here. :)