the six-item theory

a couple days ago i tweeted asking if you would rather see creative, crazy, fun outfits from fashion bloggers, or more simple, easy-to-recreate looks.

it sounds like everyone wants a mix of both. :) which is completely fine with me, actually.

i posted my first outfit on oct. 24, 2010. seeing my outfits in photographs rather than just the mirror has taught me a lot, and my style has changed slightly with this new perspective.

i’ve evaluated my blogged outfits to see which ones i like the best, and which ones are just ok for me.

» i think fashion is an art; not a scientific formula. but i learned that it’s really fun to try to wear at least six different things at a time. i think that’s when my best outfits happen. when i think i am over-accessorizing, i’m probably not.

wearing six items doesn’t come easy to me. four items comes easy: two layered tops, pants and shoes. all my body parts are covered and i’m good to go. i have to remind myself that adding accessories like a waist belt, necklace, glasses, headband or hat can drastically improve my outfit.

» now, you’ll notice i don’t wear six items every day. i think simple outfits can be very powerful as well. many people have said this is their favorite outfit (or at least photo) of me. so i have some good outfits where i only wear four or five things. i’ve also successfully worn eight things at once and still looked (somewhat) normal. i think.

regardless, i think the outfits that i love wearing the most and feel the most proud of have about six pieces. hence, my six-item theory. and maybe that’s why i love fall…the cooler temps make it easier to wear multiple layers! (click on the photo to see the original post.)

what do you think? do you prefer my elaborate outfits or the more simple ones?