fancy nancy


dress: Baby Gap
tights: Old Navy
shoes: Old Navy (gift)

It's been a while since I posted one of Roo's outfits. I'll try to post a couple more soon but it's actually pretty hard for me to blog her outfits and be helpful to anyone, because I wait and wait and wait until things go on sale, so by the time she gets around to wearing it, I usually can't link to the product online anymore and it's gone from the stores. For example, those adorable tights up there? I watched them for a while until they got marked down to $1.47. They were the last pair at our Old Navy, and we lucked out because they were her size. Such a steal!

I also often buy up in sizes for her, so she wears a lot of past-season clothing. She has a whole drawer of clothes (and a closet full of shoes) that won't fit her for a while, so when she does finally get to wear them and people ask where they're from, they're no longer available. They are all super cute and were super cheap (I hate paying more than $5/item).

That said, I do try to post things as I buy them on Instagram or Facebook, in case you can get to your store quickly and check the clearance racks.

P.S. I hear the Gap outlet stores have a similar dress to this one in stores currently!

And, here's an extremely adorable video of her admiring herself in this outfit in the mirror: