Whole30 - week 2


We're almost halfway!!! The Whole30 has been very up and down for me, but the second week was a million times easier (and way less psychological) than the first week. However, Days 12 & 13 kind of shook me up after meeting with my midwife (see below).


Day 8:

  • Woke up sore throat and ears, but Eric says my face is getting clearer
  • I feel proud for making it this far!
  • I'm having such a great and productive day!
  • Maternity pants were looser today, but that could just be because I didn't wash them. :-)
  • Eric's mom and nephew were in town and wanted to go to HuHot, a stir-fry restaurant where you choose what you want and then they cook it in front of you. It was our first true test of eating out while on Whole30. Eric was able to find some good info online before we went on their cooking oils, which was really helpful! It was such a treat! I had beef, chicken and pork with green beans, snap peas, peppers and potatoes cooked in sesame oil (I went back for seconds; only one place is shown). Sesame oil is a cooking oil to "limit" while on Whole30, but it's still compliant. I normally would have had white rice, noodles and a soda with my meal, so that was a little hard for me. I got a headache soon after eating, but not exactly sure why.

Day 9:

  • Woke up 45 minutes earlier than usual, fairly energized.
  • Eric bought some La Croix (sparkling water) to mix things up. I enjoy drinking water, but it's nice to have for dinners to make them feel a little more fun. Anyone have a favorite flavor? We've been trying the Cran-Raspberry (and best price was Menard's, of all places!).
  • I did not feel hungry for supper tonight. My breakfasts and lunches are much bigger than they were pre-Whole30, and much more nutritious, so perhaps that's why I don't have much of an appetite at night.


Day 10:

  • Craved a sugary treat during Rooney's nap time (my usual splurge time), but the weight of the Whole30 isn't feeling as heavy overall.
  • Completely sick of chicken breasts but craving beef.
  • Rooney was eating a sucker and it was all over her face, and then she kissed my lips. I was so paranoid I would get sugar in my system! I wiped it off before licking my lips and got a slight headache shortly after!

Day 11:

  • We're 1/3 done! Woohoo!
  • Our food money for the month is all gone! We've already blown through $600! We do have most of the meat we'll need for the rest of the month, but we've been buying produce as needed each week. We're continuing on, and Eric is keeping track of how much we're spending and will likely post about it at the end.
  • I saw a pic on Facebook of someone eating Cheetos and couldn't imagine what that would taste like right now. Styrofoam? And this is coming from a former Cheetos lover!
  • For some reason I've had a lot of cravings today. Pretty intense. Today is way harder than yesterday! Chocolate chip cookies keep popping into my brain and I didn't even think they were my favorite kind of cookie?!
  • Eric spent an hour and a half in the kitchen making supper for us! His sweet potato fries were made with love and they were so delicious!

Day 12:

  • I'm having trouble keeping track of what day we're on!
  • I was SO hungry at 3:00 pm today! This baby is supposedly on a growth spurt, so maybe that's why?
  • I really wanted Chipotle for supper, but our closest location does not currently have carnitas (read more about that here), their only compliant meat. Bad timing! :-(
  • I am surprised at how little fruit we have been eating. I thought it would be my saving grace, but I don't usually eat any during the day (I don't want to tease the sugar cravings!).
  • Overall I had a rough day (Rooney has been super whiny) and I would just like some darn comfort food!!! It's embarrassing how cranky I am. :-/


Day 13:

  • I had a midwife appointment today, and I have lost four pounds since starting Whole30. So, I ate four meals today and am going to start tracking my calories to make sure I am getting enough. I'm going to be adding in more fruits and fats, as well as smoothies made with avocado, coconut milk, a banana and frozen berries. Here is a good article on keeping weight on during Whole30.
  • Definitely have a firmer handle on the cravings.
  • I realized my gestational diabetes/glucose test will take place a week after the Whole30. I wonder how my body will handle that!
  • Not sure I could do this without Wallace Farms beef sticks. I've also had cherry tomatoes every day - love them!
  • Eric's dad was in town and took us to HuHot. I loaded up on the water chestnuts! Yum! (Are there other Whole30-friendly restaurant options???)
  • Had a dream that I ate ice cream to get more calories :-)

Day 14:

  • This is the best I've felt in two weeks. I'm taking it day by day to make sure I get enough calories for the baby, and praying that it's true that he takes all that he needs before I get any of the nutrition. Luckily I love cashews and those really pack the punch!
  • I got 2,330 calories in today. The avocado smoothie was delicious and 850 calories on its own! Rooney had one too and she LOVED it! I think we'll be making a lot of these!
  • I get asked a lot if I feel "full" on Whole30. It's a hard question. I don't ever feel "full" in the usual, bloated sense that I'm used to. These foods don't do that. "Satiation" is the goal, which is more like your brain saying, "OK, that's enough." I try to keep eating until I'm just too sick of chewing anything else.
  • We ordered BBQ sauce, Ketchup and Mayo from Tessemae's, and they've finally arrived! I tried the BBQ sauce first with a pork chop, and it definitely tastes different than normal BBQ sauce, but I liked it!
  • Successfully ate out with my family, and wasn't miserable! Sure, I would have loved to try the three-cheese chicken alfredo pizza, but my salad was really yummy, too! However, I checked Roo's pizza to see if it was too hot and then licked the grease off my finger - wasn't even thinking!

What I've missed: 

  • Chocolate chip cookies (specifically the idea of baking them with Eric and Rooney and then enjoying them together)
  • Cheese dip - specifically at Applebee's and On the Border
  • Eating out as a family or with friends and not having to worry about what I can or can't have
  • Scratch Cupcakes
  • Frozen yogurt/ice cream
  • Tacos
  • Staying under food budget
  • Not caring so much about every little thing that goes in my mouth / not counting calories

What I don't miss (and technically shouldn't reintroduce after Day 30): 

  • Alcohol
  • Pasta
  • String cheese
  • Disagreeing with Eric how to spend our food money or how often to eat out
  • Being tempted by all the pizza ads I see
  • The dark spots under my eyes