his outfit: fedora the explorer

my husband asked me to style him for a full week! check out day five. (i am in love with these photos!)

when: wednesday, april 6, 2011

what he wore:
fedora: urban outfitters
shirt: old navy
v-neck: kohl’s
watch: fossil
jeans: banana republic
shoes: original penguin

where: work (minus the hat)

kelsey says: it took me a couple months to convince eric to buy a shirt like this. when we found this linen (i.e., comfortable) one at old navy, he was sold. it took even longer for me to get him to try v-neck shirts (he still won’t do a deep v, but i’m proud to say he owns five v-necks now). so i prepped him up for the past couple weeks that he’d be wearing a fedora. it’s my fedora, so i think it makes him feel extra weird. but doesn’t he look awesome? shouldn’t he listen to me all the time? please, tell him how wonderful he looks. (please.)

eric says: she is right: the fedora makes me feel weird. it’s bad enough people think we are brother and sister. (we get asked that all the time! does nobody else look for wedding rings? i always look for a ring before i ask a question like that. crazyness.) anyway, when kels wore my tie, i got creeped out, too. ladies, i need to know if this is normal, or if i’m making too big of a deal.