Finch, 15 months



  • Clothing size: 12-18 months
  • Diaper size: 4
  • Teeth: 10


  • Iowa State Fair
  • Grotto of the Redemption


  • Playing in Rooney's room
  • Steps and step stools
  • Being outside
  • Balls
  • Bubbles
  • Sticking out his tongue
  • Fake laughing (and crying)
  • Patting my back when we hug


  • When anyone goes outside without him
  • Being taken away from mommy
  • Shopping


I am happy to say that in the past month we've cut down our number of feeds from 5-7 to 2-3. It wasn't too hard, because he was ready...his daytime feeds were getting shorter and he would get distracted by things like exploring or playing. He's at daycare four days a week so that was how I did it...I basically just stopped showing up to feed him. His teacher was really supportive and encouraging (I think maybe I was the one hanging onto it more than him - ha!). It's gone really, really well. He didn't seem to notice or care at all!


At home, he will occasionally ask to nurse during the day - at first it was basically every time I'd sit down! - but now it's typically just once or twice and I usually distract him with something else or just give him snuggles, although occasionally I will give in to a 3:00ish pm feed. I know nursing is still good for him/us, and helps to soothe him whenever he is sick or teething, so I haven't quite decided how long we'll continue. With each passing day, I get more OK with weaning. Eric and I are going away next weekend so I'm curious how it will go without nursing for 2+ days! Will I miss it? Will I love the freedom? Will I still have a supply when I get back? Will he want to nurse as soon as I walk in the door?



He is usually just taking one nap now, unless he is teething really hard. And guess who finally learned how to nap longer than 30 minutes?? Woohoo! He has even taken a few naps that are 2 1/2 hours long! I really thought he could do it so I started "nap training" him ... meaning, when he woke up after 20-45 minutes, instead of going to get him right away, I'd leave him in his crib for 15 minutes...and he started going back to sleep on his own. And now he doesn't even wake up, he just sleeps through. Game changer!



I can't believe how much this guy likes to talk. I had heard that sometimes boys don't talk as much as girls, so I wasn't expecting him to have so many words yet, but he definitely loves to babble. He also signs "more," which I love.

He says:

  • Ball (his favorite)
  • Bubble
  • Dada (but not directly to Eric)
  • Mama (rarely, and not directly to me)
  • Door (he says "doe")
  • Hi
  • Hello ("oh")
  • Uh oh
  • Wassat? (what's that)
  • Eye (and points to my eye)

It's also crazy to me how much he understands even though he can't say it. We have been listening to the Vacation Bible School CD nonstop in the van for the past month, and as track 14 ends, he starts singing track 15 even before it starts! It is hilarious.



  • Hearing him call me mama...c'mon, buddy!
  • Seeing how much he weighs at his 15-month checkup
  • First dentist appointment