remember me?


My blog is a reflection of my life, and, well, ... lately, it's been mostly about my kids ;-) Eric and I have had several conversations lately about self care and how I can get better at it. I've found myself getting jealous of Eric when he gets a night away with friends, and there have been many times when I've gotten frustrated with the kids way too easily. It's obvious that I need to schedule in regular breaks! I think it's hard for lots of moms to find time for everything that is important to them...for me, it's: God, marriage, kids, work, family, friends, blogging, etc. I usually come last. I really want to change that! I might even start exercising! :0

So, here's just a fun, random post about ME. Well, MOSTLY. :-)


About de-cluttering the house. It has gotten really out of hand since Finch was born. Last week I started in the corner of our bedroom where a huge pile of junk had grown, and now it looks - and feels - amazing! We went through the playroom last weekend and got rid of three bins of toys! Next up: my closet.


Eric and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend away! It has been too long! But it hasn't seemed possible since Finch was born because of breastfeeding. Our 10-year wedding anniversary is next month so we are going to Omaha for a NEEDTOBREATHE concert and time to reconnect. Eric's mom is staying at our house to watch the kids - so thankful for her!


For our new rugs (pictured above) and rug pads to come in - one for our basement and one for our entryway!


Fall family photoshoot outfits. Finch definitely needs these suspenders.


Podcasts! It took me a while to get into them, and I find myself being very picky now if they aren't produced well. My current favorites are:

  1. Young House Love Has A Podcast
  2. Shailey & Katie

Others I have enjoyed in the past: Serial (season 1), Elise Gets Crafty, The Lively Show and Marriage Is Funny.


barkTHINS snacking chocolate - specifically the dark chocolate pretzel with sea salt. The salty/sweet combo is amazing. I didn't even know I liked dark chocolate, but now it's all I can think about.


A Halloween decoration for our front door. I've never been a huge fan of the holiday, but this seems easy and fun!


Toy Blast on my phone. It's the first app I've gotten addicted to. I'm on Level 929, if that proves how hooked I am.


My birthday's at the end of the month, and all I want is an insulated water bottle and some cacti. This is 33.


Maine. I went twice when I was in junior high and would love to take Eric there. Sooooooon.


Stranger Things on Netflix. I really liked it! I don't like scary stuff (I get nightmares easily), but was intrigued and then I got hooked and had to finish. It's sci-fi so I found myself repeating "It's not real, it's not real" during the scary scenes. But I definitely recommend it. Season 2 can't come soon enough.


Alone time on Wednesdays after dropping Rooney off at preschool and putting Finch down for his nap. An hour and a half of peace and quiet!!!


The kids' old clothes on Instagram @shopsnappycasual. Make me an offer!



Frozen peas. Don't knock 'em til you try it! My kids like them, too.


On the basement bathroom. We laid flooring and installed a toilet, we've got to figure out how to install the vanity/sink and hang the mirror.



iOS 10. I like the new emojis and the handwriting texts!


For a new lip color. I want to be a lipstick girl, but I'm not sure where to start. Lip tints? Anybody have a great brand/color to share? I had a couple Sonia Kashuk colors I loved from Target, but they've been discontinued. Help!


Might sound dorky, but I've been working on my handwriting. I used to love my handwriting in high school, but now everything I write is so hurried, especially at work.


Poshmark purchases. Have you heard of it? It's a site/app where you can shop other people's closets. It's super easy to search for brands you love and then purchase or make an offer. I've found four great tops (Madewell and J.Crew) that I wanted when they were in stores, and now I got them for waaaaay cheaper (one was even new with tags)! Sign up with my invite code NOFHN and get $5 off your first purchase!

What's new with you? Anything fun to share?? Have a great weekend!