Finch, 3 months


We survived the fourth trimester! Woohoo!


  • Clothing size: 6 months
  • Diaper size: 2


  • Being held or worn in a carrier
  • Watching TV (not intentionally...his eyes just always find the screen!)
  • Nursing


  • Car rides
  • Being tired
  • Rooney's not-so-gentle touches


  • Wedding (Cassie & Michael)
  • Full night of sleep (6 hours) 
  • Sibling bath with Rooney
  • Roll from back to tummy (Aug. 21, 2015)
  • Car seat blowout
  • Trip to farmers' market
  • Swimming pool experience
  • Hair cut (not really, but something got stuck in the hair on the back of his head and it wouldn't wash out so we cut it)
  • Met my grandparents
  • Got baptized (Aug. 16, 2015) 


Finch eats 6-10 times a day, every 2-3.5 hours. We are still nursing! I am really glad I've stuck with it. The growth spurts are sooo exhausting, but it usually means longer sleep stretches ahead as well as more spaced out feedings during the day. I have gotten more comfortable nursing in public, and am so so so thankful I get to nurse him during the day when I'm at work. It's the best kind of break, and a little stress reliever, too! I pumped once at home for about two minutes and hated how it felt!



About once a week, he will do a 5-6 hour stretch at night! Oh, it is just the most glorious thing! The other nights he will usually go 3-4 hours at a time. He does not nap all that well. Maybe a couple hours total during the day? Lots of 20-minute naps. We are still swaddling him but I think we will need to transition out of it in the next month. At night he sleeps in our bed or in a pack-n-play in our room.



  • He went through growth spurts at 10.5 weeks and 13 weeks
  • He still struggles with gas and reflux-like symptoms, but it's definitely getting better
  • He has a slightly herniated belly button - it will likely clear up on its own
  • He goes to the chiropractor every other week
  • He has cradle cap, and as I work to remove it, I also seem to be taking out his hair :-(
  • We bathe him once a week


Just for fun, I thought I'd keep track of these :-)

  • normal poop schedule for a breastfed baby
  • pacifier that feels like a boob
  • can a baby drown from breastfeeding?
  • breastfeeding lip tie symptoms


  • Has rolled over several times - he's really quick about it, too!
  • Can hang on to some rattles/balls
  • Loves to talk and make loud, explosive sounds
  • Pulls up his head and legs when laying on the floor
  • Has just started to drool, blow saliva bubbles, and chew on his hands
  • Is really close to laughing!


  • The Wonder Weeks app has been very helpful for me to understand what his little body is going through and learning
  • I feel like he's so big because he doesn't take a pacifier so every time he needs comforted, I feed him :-/ 
  • This might be insane, but I still keep track of every time he eats and for how long
  • Things keep getting a little bit easier every week!