31 things I'm grateful for in August

  1. Preschool teachers
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Puzzles
  4. Sound machines
  5. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  6. Rooney's love for Finch
  7. The bond that has formed between Rooney and her daddy
  8. Snapchat (I'm kelseycwilliams on there!)
  9. A new pair of sweatpants
  10. Amazon Cloud Drive photo backup
  11. Peaches!
  12. A husband who supports breastfeeding (I feed the baby, he feeds me)
  13. Lint rollers
  14. Bomber jackets
  15. Six straight hours of sleep!
  16. A beautiful baptism service for Finch
  17. Strangers who offer to take a family photo for us
  18. Shopping my friends' kids' hand-me-downs
  19. Baby coos
  20. Being able to breastfeed Finch at work
  21. A new building for our church
  22. Photo booths
  23. The rain holding off for my cousin's outdoor wedding
  24. Post offices in grocery stores
  25. Cool, fall-like weather
  26. The farmers' market
  27. An increasingly efficient breastfeeder
  28. Oreo Thins mint
  29. Health insurance
  30. My education
  31. My wedding ring