Finch says...

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

I have trouble putting this kid into words — I figured it would be easier to share the many hilarious things that come out of his mouth. He’s always making us laugh, and almost daily someone he’s encountered tells us a Finch story. You never know what you’re going to get. Some kid!

 "I wanna eat my belly button."

"Are your eyes off?" (closed)

Finch: "Ouch!"
Me: "What happened?"
Finch: "I broke my collar bone again."
(keep in mind it was Rooney who broke her collar bone...)

"I love you too much to the moon.”

"Mommy, stop singing! It hurts my ears!"

Me: "Look over there! They’re making a sidewalk!"
Finch: "WHAT in the WORLD?"

"Alexa, play 'Look What You Made Me Do' please."

Finch: "I have a treat for you!"
Me: "You have a treat for me?"
Finch: "In my bottom."

After eating a snack at the table: “I made a mess for you.”

Me: "You're a great brother."
Finch: "No! I’m a boy!"

"I like my nose." (I thought this was cute until I realized he was eating his boogers)

Finch: "Can I have my hat?"
Me: "Where is it?"
Finch: "I don’t know! I don’t want it!"

At the doctors' office, the nurse comes to call us back: “Finch”
Finch: “WHAT!?”

Me: "Can you go get me my pink shoes?"
Finch: "I’m busy right now."

Me: "What should we buy at Target?"
Finch: "Poop."

Finch: "Do you want butter on your banana bread?"
Me: "No, I like it plain."
Finch: "I wanna watch Planes!"

Me: "Let's go get some lunch."
Finch: "Mmm. I love lunch!"

“My last name is two-and-a-half.”

“Look at that house with tunnels!” (a car wash)

”Can I have a foot cookie?” aka Nutter Butter

At a restaurant:
Me: "Are you ready to go?"
Finch: "None of your business!"

Me: "You need to stay in your room until your clock turns green."
Finch: "It's my life! Leave me alone!"

Finch: "Mom, can I have a Sour Punch Straw?"
Me: "If you’re hungry, you need to finish your hamburger."
Finch: "I’m not hungry, I’m treat-y!"

Finch: "There's a froggie in our house!"
Eric: "Where???"
Finch: "Outside!"

On Father's Day: "Happy Mother's Day, Daddy!"

“I want to poop in the dishwasher.”

And one that if I don’t mention, my entire family will because it’s become a running joke: “That’s spicy in my butt!”

Does your kid say funny things, too? I’d love to hear!