Finch's summer wardrobe

Photo credit: Shandy Mikkelsen

Photo credit: Shandy Mikkelsen

I never thought dressing a boy could be as fun as dressing a girl, and I’m glad that I was so wrong! I wanted to share the pieces I found for Finch this summer in case you are still needing a few things (or wait for it to go on sale and buy it in a size up for next year!)

Finch is right on the edge between 5T and big boy sizes. I mostly shop sales and secondhand stores like ThredUp and Kidizen (app), so I wasn’t able to link everything, but I linked as many as I could (just click on the pic). I also took a bunch of his pants from this past winter that had holes in the knees and cut them into shorts — they are some of my favorite shorts on him and didn’t cost any extra!

I would call Finch’s style “trendy casual.” He is a big boy, so everything must have a little stretch to it. I love him in gray, blue and green, as well as camo, stripes and geometric patterns.

He’s a rad little guy and I love that he still wears whatever I pick out for him, including matching checkerboard shoes with his mom!