30 things I'm grateful for this June


How is it already July and halfway through 2019? It’s been a great year so far — lots to be thankful for!

  1. Frequent flyer miles

  2. That Eric loves Ikea as much as I do

  3. OpenTable

  4. Olive oil potato chips

  5. Our library’s summer reading program

  6. Parking attendants at church

  7. The Qdoba employee who always slips me a free cookie

  8. Traditions

  9. Watching the Women’s College World Series (and hearing Eric say “softball is way more exciting to watch than baseball”)

  10. Finding cute secondhand clothes for my kids

  11. That Finch overcame his fear of pooping on the potty

  12. A date weekend with Eric in Minneapolis

  13. A girls’ weekend in Okoboji with my mom and sister

  14. A fun day celebrating Finch’s 4th birthday

  15. Perfect weather for a pool day with cousins

  16. When our kids fall asleep quickly at night

  17. Rooney’s renewed interest in Harry Potter

  18. Rooney’s summer camp

  19. Google WiFi

  20. Cheering on the U.S. women in the FIFA Women’s World Cup (Eric and I are having a lot of fun watching together!)

  21. An epic family wedding

  22. Taylor Swift

  23. Garlic cheese pizza

  24. SpotHero for cheaper parking in big cities (use this link for $7 off your first parking spot reservation)

  25. Comfy quilts

  26. Picking the right nail polish color

  27. Morning music

  28. Watching the sunset

  29. Shake Shack

  30. Progress