first repeat


wednesday, oct. 27, 2010 (happy birthday, dad!)

the look:

sweater: lacoste (on sale at the three sons)

jeans: banana republic

shoes: isaac mizrahi for target



the wind is getting chillier so it’s time to pull out the sweaters. i was proud of myself for not repeating a single item of clothing in my first four outfit posts. that ends today with these jeans. i really don’t have many pairs of jeans that i like, and after i buy a new pair i just want to wear those every day. one of my secrets that really only my husband knows is that i love to repeat outfits (even friday, saturday, and sunday if possible). this blog is making me be more creative.

there are no close-ups of my face today because my eyebrows are out of control. when they start to grow in my husband yells “tarantula!” (his code word). don’t worry, they are getting waxed today and i just might lose 2 pounds when that happens. :)

a big hug to my hubs for taking all my outfit photos! it was very cold, windy, and starting to rain when we took these. i’m starting to wonder what we’re going to do when the snow comes…