my costume: hallow's eve

friday, oct. 29, 2010

the look:
hat/goggles: halloween store
coat: target (buy)
scarf: gift
shirt dress: american apparel
leggings: kohl’s (buy)
boots: urban outfitters


our company is awesome and a good percentage of us dress up each year. it’s definitely my least favorite holiday, but once i find a costume i am a much better sport about it. i just hate waiting until the last minute and then scrounging something together. i actually had this costume a week in advance (i got the idea from the tv show parenthood). i definitely prefer costumes where you can wear most of your own clothes—and i don’t think i’ve ever been anything scary, just cute and normal. :) i had all these pieces except the hat and goggles, which were fairly easy to find.

what’s your costume?