Gender Reveal Parties

UPDATE: Click here to find out what we're having!

We are so eager to find out what we are having next week! (Have you casted your vote yet?) Lots of people have an opinion on whether or not they want to find out the sex of their child ahead of time. I think it's great that in this technology age, everyone can do whatever they want.

Eric and I agree on finding out at 20 weeks. I don't think knowing ahead of time will make the birth less exciting or meeting our baby less special. I think it will help me form a bond with the mystery-thing growing inside of me, and also energize us to prepare mentally, physically and materially for its arrival (we haven't taken any classes, read any books or purchased a single thing yet--except for some hand-me-downs from my sister!).

You've probably heard about gender reveal parties. They are becoming quite popular, and you may remember that we attended one in June for our friends Garrett and Lauren (their little Dylan will arrive any day now!). Rather than finding out at the ultrasound, we are choosing to find out in our home, surrounded by our immediate families, life group and closest friends.

>> That's right, we're letting our families WATCH US find out. Eek!

Here are some ideas we tossed around on how the sex would be revealed:

Gender Reveal Ideas

All ideas are dependent upon the ultrasound tech writing down the sex and putting it in an envelope.

  • Have a cake or cake balls made. When you cut or bite in, the color of the cake or icing reveals the sex.
  • Have cupcakes made with a dollop of frosting inside. Your family can all bite in at the same time and find out together! (I love this idea!)
  • Have a pizza place spell it out in pepperonis. I think this would be really fun!
  • I've heard that you can even find an ultrasound tech who will come to your house and put it on the TV for everyone to watch during the party! (Sounds expensive and crazy to me!)
  • Go to BabyGap (or any store that gift wraps) and pick out one boy outfit and one girl outfit. Leave the store while the person at the checkout rings up the appropriate outfit and wraps it. Then you open it at the party! (Just don't look at the receipt!)

Because we both love clothes, we are going with the last option. I really love the idea of having an outfit for our baby from the night we find out!

Then, we are going to carve a pumpkin saying, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" and bring it to work on Monday (Halloween) to share the news with our co-workers.

So fun! I think we will find out the sex of our next child, too. (If we decide to have three kids and already have a boy and a girl, it might be fun to keep the third one a surprise. But who knows. It is way too soon to decide that...)

Would you want to know what you're having before the baby's born? Do you have other ideas on how to announce or reveal the baby's sex?

UPDATE: Click here to find out what we're having!

Photos from BabyGap.


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