his outfit: gray tones, blue skies

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my husband asked me to style him for a full week! this is day four.

when: tuesday, april 5, 2011

what he wore:
hat: american apparel
shirt: american apparel
sweatshirt: heritage 1981
scarf: american apparel
watch: TIKKR
jeans: express
shoes: target

where: work

kelsey says: he wore a scarf! he wore a scarf! he wore a scarf! :)

eric says: if you would have saw me at work, you wouldn’t have thought anything of this outfit. i worked sans scarf and hat. i wanted to wear them to work, but kels wouldn’t let me. i kid, i kid. she put me in two long-sleeve tops again. this time, it was a little warm with a thermal and a sweatshirt, but i did like the black sticking out the bottom. and i love the TIKKR watch kels got from the TxSCC. when we were in austin, i bought a couple additional bands, and i really like this green one. kels doesn’t wear watches, so i basically got a new watch for free. bingo!