{review} HANA titanium flat iron

is that what your bed head looks like, too?

no? i’m just lucky?

no fear! with my new flat iron, in 10 minutes i was…

i am the kind of girl who buys a $30 straightener at target or walgreens and then has to replace it at least once a year. in less than a week, it snags my hair and eventually the plates become dingy and discolored. oh, and that horrible burning smell that fills my bathroom when i turn it on…that’s my husband’s favorite.

so, a few months ago eric and i decided that a more durable flat iron would be a good investment (and my hairdresser told me it would be better for my hair, which i have been trying to grow out for a few years now!). we set a budget for $120 to get the straightener my hairdresser suggested.

i was saving up for the flat iron, halfway to my goal, when i was contacted by misikko to review the HANA titanium flat iron. i was thrilled!

» well, i was actually asked to review the HANA air premiere hair dryer, but you guys know me and my budget. i didn’t feel right about accepting a $195 hair dryer that i did not have the funds to pay for (especially because i had recently purchased a new dryer for myself) or one that i would not save up for and purchase myself. i just would not spend that much on a hair dryer. i offered instead to review the HANA professional flat iron 1” ($119—in my price range!). we compromised on the HANA titanium flat iron 1.5”, because that is the one they needed a review for and because i desperately needed a new straightener!

i am excited that this one should last me a long time!

what i love about the flat iron:

  • the eight-foot cord means i will have never again have to straighten my hair without a mirror. i typically run into issues with this when we’re at my in-laws’, grandparents’ lakehouse and hotels.
  • it can heat up as fast as SIX SECONDS.
  • i thought switching from a 1” flat iron to a 1.5” iron would be weird—but i honestly think i like it better!

the only thing i don’t love is the price ($175). but you get what you pay for. i can say that i am impressed with the HANA brand and predict that the $119 version would be quality as well (which is probably what i would have bought for myself).

misikko has a number of quality flat irons and blow dryers available. i encourage you to check them out! for 10% off your order, enter HANA10 at the checkout!

disclosure: the flat iron is c/o misikko, but all ideas and opinions are mine. i was not asked to or paid to write a positive review.