happy Halloween!

Last night was Beggars' Night in our neighborhood, and Rooney dressed up as a cute little bumble bee! For those of you who have never heard of Beggars' Night...tell me about it. I grew up trick-or-treating on Halloween night, but Des Moines has Beggars' Night the night before Halloween, and kids are supposed to tell jokes when you answer the door. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it.


This was Rooney's first real year of trick-or-treating, and by far my favorite Halloween since I was in middle school. It took her one house to get the hang of it, and then she was leading us down the sidewalk, pointing out the houses with lights on.

Our neighborhood has many young families, so it was fun to see all the kids running around our block. Many people sit outside in a chair instead of waiting for you to ring the doorbell, so it just feels like a really fun and friendly celebration. And, would you believe I never saw one girl in an Elsa dress?

In just 30 minutes we ended up with waaay more candy than we need. Her favorites were the glow stick bracelet, Lifesaver Gummies, a fake spider and Smarties.

And just for fun, here's a look back at Rooney's costumes the past two years... (look at that little ghost!!!)