happy Mother's Day to my mama

I wish I had more memories from growing up. That is one of the things I have been praying about for the past year...that God would reveal to me more happy memories of my childhood, especially those that include my mother. I know there are memories buried in my brain somewhere, and I want them brought to the forefront. It has been amazing what has happened after asking for that. I will just be driving along or doing another random task and will receive a spark of a memory about my childhood. No joke.

At some point in my life I became a daddy's girl, but I know that my mom has been an amazing foundation for who I am as a person. I simply don't know what I would do without her. And since becoming a mom myself, I've realized even more how much she has done for me and how much she loves me.

So happy Mother's Day, mom, and thank you for all of the things you've done that I have no memories of, as well as:

  • Leaving your job as a nurse to stay at home with me (and Kari and Cole)
  • All the prayers you said for me
  • Knowing me intimately and keeping my secrets
  • Picking lice out of my hair (on numerous occasions)
  • Dealing with my numerous surgeries, stitches and broken bones/casts
  • Allowing me to travel to new states
  • Being interested in things I am interested in (Mary Kate and Ashley, U.S. Women's Soccer)
  • Bringing me turkey on focaccia and Cheetos for lunch every single day of high school
  • Coming to all of my games and yelling "Here we go, Lucy!" when I got up to bat
  • Being able to tell if I am getting a sinus infection just by looking at me
  • Having tough conversations with me about the boy I was dating as a senior in high school
  • Revealing some secrets of your own to me
  • Caring about my health when you thought I was too skinny (and for trusting me when I told you I was healthy)
  • Not getting too upset when I came home from a party as a senior in high school and told you I'd had my first drink (and if you don't remember that...let's just pretend it didn't happen)
  • Letting me change my mind at the last minute about where I'd go to college
  • Talking me through things after the first day of every college semester when I would get SO overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to do to get straight As
  • Having a sixth sense for knowing when I need you to call me
  • Allowing me to move away the summer after my freshman year of college and helping me find a job
  • Knowing in your heart that Eric was the one for me and allowing us to get married so young
  • Helping me plan my wedding
  • Being the first person I wanted to call after my water broke and again after Rooney was born
  • Helping me get through the first three weeks when Roo was a newborn and that dang postpartum depression
  • Complimenting my outfits
  • Reading my blog daily
  • Buying some of the same clothes I have so we can match :)
  • Raising me to be an independent woman...even if that means I don't call home as much as you'd like ;)

You're the best.

And, proof that I still want to be like you: