punk rock princess

Photo May 03, 8 09 03 AM.jpg


necklace: Amber Artisans (gift)
sweatshirt: American Apparel (hand-me-down)
dress: H&M
leggings: Miniwear (hand-me-down)
shoes: Converse

How awesome is this outfit? She picked the dress and I picked the rest based on the weather, the colors and what was clean. Pattern-mixing like a pro! Something about dressing a toddler for a Saturday of adventures brings out all sorts of creativity in me. We went to the farmers' market for crepes and smoothies, sculpture garden, Raygun store, grocery store, and park for a friend's birthday party. Just me and her, and I was amazed at how much easier it is to take a toddler out and about, compared to a newborn or even an 8-month-old (less naps, less diapers, less stuff to carry around).

P.S. I bought this sweatshirt for my niece about five years ago, and it's come full circle as a hand-me-down for Rooney. Mind blown.