oh, hello



hair bow: c/o Mark It With A Q
sweatshirt: Hello Apparel
pants: Old Navy (c/o Merle Hay Mall)
shoes: Converse
shoe wings: c/o Shoe Wings

Oh my goodness, isn't she adorable? She wore this to toddler reading time at the library on a recent Wednesdays With Rooney. It was her first time at the library and I couldn't believe how easily she got lost in the puzzles and books. We stayed for three and a half hours and could have easily been there all day, if macaroni & cheese and strawberries weren't calling us home for lunch.

I may or may not have all of these clothing items in my size, too. That is one of my favorite things about having a daughter -- my outfits can just be replicated on a smaller scale (who are we kidding? I would totally put my son in this too).