his outfit: casual friday (every day)

friday, dec. 17, 2010

the look:
shirt: banana republic outlet
watch: fossil
jeans: banana republic
shoes: original penguin

work, Christmas party with friends 

meet husband. pretty darn cute, right? i’m a lucky girl. :) here’s what mister had to say about his outfit:

guess who! guest post. you’ve no doubt seen this front door before. kels asked me join in the fun and offer a man’s perspective. this shirt was a huge score from the banana republic outlet. i never pay full price for clothes. kels spotted this one, and i really like the pattern. i already feel like a girl talking about this…

the jeans were purchased in march, because i wanted some new jeans and my birthday is in march. enough said. i think the jeans were my first item from BR. it’s usually way too expensive for me, but i do love these jeans. i am revoking my mancard at this point…

the shoes are from penguin and help to dress down the outfit. the fossil watch was a Christmas gift from kels four years ago.

side note: i’m glad i didn’t decide to put on kw’s waist belt over this button-down. i just don’t think I could have pulled it off.