in a funk


thursday, dec. 16, 2010

the look:

dress: american apparel

cardigan: american apparel

necklace: modcloth

jeans: banana republic

shoes: target



i know this outfit’s not life-changing, but i feel like i should show you guys the good and the bad. this one’s pretty bad. right? sorry about that.

i’ve actually had this dress for a year and this is the first time it’s made it out of the house. honestly, i’m still in a funk after the 30-day challenge. i’m super excited to be reunited with these shoes, but today i should have stuck to my rule about wearing at least six things. i was going to add my skinny waist belt but i feel like i’m totally over-wearing it.

i like what joann said about the 30 for 30 becoming a competition with yourself to be more creative than the day before. so while i was really excited when i did something genius, i got nervous about what tomorrow-kelsey was going to create. most of my good days were followed by just-ok days.

i think i’ll convince husband that a shopping spree is the cure. nothing outrageous, there’s just a list of things i want