how we told Rooney she's going to be a big sister

One thing that is definitely different this time around is having a toddler in our house! We didn't tell Rooney that I had "a baby in my tummy" or that she was definitely going to be a big sister when she was 3 or anything like that, because we weren't sure if she would keep quiet while at daycare.

Eric and I did talk about being pregnant in her presence, but I didn't think she knew what that meant, until one day she straight up asked me if I had a baby in my tummy (read the conversation here). I didn't tell her yes or no, but I find it crazy how kids have such great intuition. I guess it makes sense that she knew something was up because I was tired or sick for almost two months!

I'm so glad we videotaped this...she was totally interested in the baby for two whole minutes! And she is going to be such a great sister!