conversations with Rooney / 06

First thing in the morning when I walk into her room...
Rooney: "Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?"
Me, laughing: "Why do you think mommy has a baby in her tummy? Do you know someone who has a baby in their tummy?"
Rooney: "Yes."
Me: "Who?"
Rooney: "Grandma!"

Me: "God made the sun and the moon and the stars!"
Rooney: "And me! And mommy! And daddy!"

Me: "You're so cute! You're so cute!"
Rooney: "I know!"

Singing/reading "You Are My Sunshine" book to herself...
Rooney: "You make me make me make me happy...when I die."

Me to Eric: "We'll have to find a sitter for Rooney."
Rooney: "I'm over here!"

In the car, and the radio DJ is talking...
Rooney: "'All About the Bass' is off?"
Me: "Yep."
Rooney: "Oh. Sorry."

Me: "Can you find the snowshoes?"
Rooney: "I can't find the dolphin."
Me: "Snowshoes."
Rooney: "I'm too busy to find them."

Me: "What does a frog eat?"
Rooney: "Um, carrots!"
Me: "Carrots?! No"
Rooney: "Oh, spicy!"

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